COVID-19’s Impact On Your Car Insurance – Here’s How Your Premiums Are Being Affected

With over 40 million Americans unemployed and a Recession on the horizon (or depending who you ask, already here), everyone’s looking at ways to cut costs.  As your keyfob collects dust, you might consider putting your car, or at least your car insurance, on the chopping block. After all, you’ve barely driven since this whole … Read more

Best Non-Owner Car Insurance Companies

If you drive a car but don’t own a car, then you need to consider non-owner car insurance. It can be a relatively affordable way to purchase auto insurance liability coverage without the title of a car. Typically, these rates are cheaper than standard car insurance because you aren’t the primary driver of the car.  … Read more

Will You Get Another Break On Your Car Insurance?

Like pretty much every industry, COVID-19 massively disrupted the auto insurance world. A combination of empty roads and pandemic-stricken bank accounts led policyholders to request discounts and relief from their providers, and to their credit, most responded in some capacity.  According to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner, Washington State, at least 28 major auto … Read more

What Is Gap Insurance (And Should You Get It)?

To start, it’s my crazy-strong recommendation that you spend 30 minutes shopping for a better car insurance rate every six months. When you do, you’ll inevitably be asked about gap insurance. So what exactly is gap insurance, and do you need it? Auto insurance providers tend to be a little vague about gap insurance and … Read more