What pet insurance covers dental?

Pets are like your children, and just as you would ensure your little one’s oral health, you can’t ignore your pet’s dental health either. Admittedly, dental issues can be costly for pets as they are for humans. That’s one crucial reason for getting a pet insurance plan covering every dental illness or accident. So, if … Read more

What is a pre-existing condition for pet insurance?

A common question people ask when buying pet insurance is what is a pre-existing condition for pet insurance. Buying pet insurance is a lot like buying life, health, or car insurance for yourself. There are a number of considerations that insurance providers make to determine how much your insurance premiums will be. The more pre-existing … Read more

How do pet insurance deductibles work?

Pet insurance is a recommended protection to anticipate your pet’s health expenses and veterinary costs. But, choosing the right insurance policy for your pet is not an easy thing. There are different formulas and contractual terms. With the price and the guarantees, deductibles constitute one of the main criteria of choice when comparing the offers … Read more

What Is Pet Insurance for Renters?

The American Pet Products Association reports that a majority of households in the US have at least one pet, but many of them do not have a pet insurance policy that could take care of their medical and grooming needs. As a renter, you may not need to invest in a separate pet insurance policy, … Read more