How Policygenius works On the Policygenius website, you’ll enter some basic information (which can be more or less extensive depending on the policy you’re looking for). Then, Policygenius runs it through its algorithms and returns your best options. You can complete as many applications and compare as many offers as you’d like. After you choose … Read more

Best car insurance for college students

Car insurance for college students can be pretty dang expensive — well over $2,500 a year on average. But if you find the right provider and snag the best student discounts, you can easily save thousands by the time you graduate. So let’s do that right now! Compare the best auto insurance quotes Best auto … Read more

Best car insurance for young adults

Now is a good time to check to make sure you are getting the very best auto insurance rates for your car. Because if you drive a car, you need auto insurance. So why not take a few extra minutes to check? Of course, every state requires that you purchase at least a minimal amount … Read more