Requirements To Get An FHA Loan For A Condo

How difficult is it to get an FHA loan for a condo? It’s either incredibly easy—or, it’s impossibly hard. Here’s why… A condo MUST be in an approved project—and the approval list is short! If you are interested in purchasing a condominium, you may find that your ability to get an FHA loan is extremely … Read more

Comprehensive vs. collision car insurance: the differences and when you can cancel

When you complete quotes online, most insurance providers will “strongly recommend” or even default in some level of collision and comprehensive coverage.  Statistically, most drivers just roll with it (pun intended). 74% and 78% of drivers are covered by collision and comprehensive coverage, respectively, costing them an extra $900 per year (according to  But what … Read more

What to do immediately after a car accident

There’s a lot of “conventional wisdom” involved with auto accidents. But what you should do in any given situation will depend upon the specifics of the accident. Are you at fault? Is the other party at fault? Was anyone injured? Was the damage minor or extreme? Before deciding exactly how to proceed, you first have … Read more

Is Identity Theft Insurance Worth It?

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information — like your home address, date of birth, credit cards, or bank account details — to take out a bank loan, withdraw money from your bank account, use your credit cards, or open up new credit cards in your name. The FTC received 1.4 million complaints of identity … Read more

Use A Health Savings Account To Maximize Your Retirement Money

If you are looking to save money for long-term purposes, don’t overlook the potential of health savings accounts (HSAs) to help. While HSAs are not investment accounts in the traditional sense, you can use a health savings account to create a substantial nest egg that you could use at a later date under certain circumstances. What is a health savings account? Established by … Read more

Find Out The Average Cost Of Car Insurance Per Month

I often get frustrated when I get my auto insurance bill. I’d love cheap monthly car insurance premiums, but they are hard to find. It seems like the prices keep increasing every renewal.  Rather than sitting back and letting my prices increase, I decided to take action and research the average monthly car insurance payment. … Read more

How To Pay Your Car Loan Off Fast

Another month, another car payment.  Am I done yet?  If you’re eager to pay off your auto loan faster, I feel you. That’s why in this piece, I’m going to share seven steps you can take to greatly accelerate the process. In just a few ninja moves, you can pay off your auto loan faster … Read more

How Much Insurance Should You Have?

There are insurance policies that can cover virtually everything we have and everything we do in life. But how much insurance coverage is enough? And how much might be too much? There’s no easy answer, but there are general rules of thumb that you can follow. What those rules are will vary depending upon the … Read more